Three things to look for when buying a horse float

Moving a horse from A to B can be stressful but with a suitable trailer it can be easy, here are some great tips to keep in mind when looking at a horse float for sale.

Tuza - Horse float for sale

1. Does it suit your vehicle?

As a car can be significantly more expensive than a horse float it is best to match the trailer to the car, not the other way around. This means you will need to know what towing bar you have, the towing capacity and ability of your car and any visual limitations your car might have. Having these things in mind when looking to buy a horse float will make it easy to rule out floats that are too big, too wide or too heavy.

2. Does it suit your horse’s needs?

Horses can be temperamental; I guess that is why we love them. But this needs to be taken into account when looking to buy a horse float. If your animal likes to feel secure when it is travelling a smaller cosier float could be better. However, if your animal doesn’t like being caged up then a more spacious float with lots of windows should be considered.

3. Is the horse float practical for your situation?

Loading and unloading can be time consuming which is why practicality is so important when buying a float. It is good to try your horse out in different types of floats to see which way they prefer entering and exiting. Another thing to consider is which way the horse will face. Some floats face the same way as the driver, which is an easy way to load the horse, whereas others have the horse facing diagonally backwards which is better for its stability. Practical things like height, direction and loading can impact the enjoyment of travelling with a horse so it is essential to be aware of these when purchasing a float.

The purchasing of a horse float can be easy and painless if you are aware of the three key things to look for. A checklist of the requirements for your vehicle, horse and preferences is a great thing to take with you when looking at horse floats. If you need any advice on the purchasing of a float, or want to discuss your needs please contact our friendly team on (02) 4773 9300.