Three reasons why front facing horse floats are the most popular floats for sale

When you are looking at horse floats for sale in Australia there are many different styles and shapes to suit all horse and rider’s needs. Different road conditions, towing regulations and animal size all contribute to what style of horse float you can purchase. Front facing horse floats are considered the most popular style of horse trailer in Australia for several reasons, here are our top three.

horse floats for sale


Front facing horse floats tend to be less wide than slant loading trailers, which is an added benefit on many narrow rural Australian roads. A narrow trailer is easier to park and manoeuvre in carparks and camping grounds. Depending on the size of your trailer, registration costs will also differ. If your float is under 750kg and not used for commercial purposes, you can save a significant amount of money on registering the trailer. Each state in Australia has different towing regulations so please check with your local road authority.


Front facing trailers have minimal internal structures meaning they are lighter. As most trailers are made of aluminium or steel, weight in an important consideration. Buying a front facing trailer gives you the flexibility of using a wider variety of cars to tow the trailer. Many slant loading trailers or gooseneck trailers must be towed with a big diesel engine, meaning that the purchasing of a towing vehicle might be an additional expense.

Fuel Efficiency

A smaller and lighter trailer, like a front facing horse float, is more fuel efficient. Obviously the more aerodynamic the trailer is the less impact it will have on fuel consumption. If you are planning long journeys with your float, then a compact front facing horse float will save you many stops at the roadside service stations.

These three reasons demonstrate why the front facing horse float is the most popular trailer in Australia. The small compact size can save you money, effort and stress, while also keeping your horse happy and safe. For more information about horse floats, visit our website