Points To Consider When Buying A Horse Float


Does the horse float company have sufficient engineering and horse float manufacturing experience?
Does your next horse float meet Australian standards in quality?
Will the float be manufactured in Australia using quality materials?
If the float has been imported how much damage through sea waters has it already endured?
Are all the components such as suspension and axles made in the factory or brought from another source?


Does your next horse float meet Australian standards of safety?
Is your next horse float safe for both your family and your horses?


Will you receive ongoing service?
Are you able to easily contact experienced sales consultants via email/phone/face-to-face who will willingly assist you?
How long will the float take to repair if parts are not constructed in Australia?
Is the manufacturer qualified to do the service to your float or are they just a salesperson?
Will the horse float manufacturer provide repairs and modifications to your float ensuring you are back on the road as soon as possible?


What type of warranty is offered?
How long has the manufacturer been in business?
Will you deal with the company selling the float for any warranty work?
Are you qualified to do any repair or warranty work on the float?
Are all components of the float covered by at least 2 year warranty & 5 years on suspension?


Will your float retain market value even a few years after purchase?
Can the horse float manufacturer confidently boast over 40 years of manufacturing experience?