Horse float options for transporting multiple horses

For new horse owners, the first question of how to transport their horse is: should I buy a straight load or an angle load trailer? Angle load trailers are the traditional option, as they give you the capacity to carry multiple horses at one time.

An angled load trailer is fitted with angled stalls which allows multiple horses to be transported. This means that you can fit multiple horses in a smaller space than if you had loaded them into a straight load trailer. However, bigger horses can feel cramped and may panic by the lack of space.

tuza horse float for multiple horses

For owners looking to transport more than a couple of horses, the question becomes more complicated than just whether to choose a straight load or angled load trailer. They have to decide whether they will try to fit three horses in one trailer, or buy multiple trailers and have multiple hauling vehicles.

To avoid having multiple hauling vehicles and thereby avoiding multiple drivers as well, there is the more comprehensive solution of gooseneck horse trailers. Gooseneck horse trailers are much larger floats that can hold between two to six horses. They are fitted to hauling vehicles with trailer ball couplings – in the same way that truck cabs are attached to the freight trailers they carry. Gooseneck horse trailers often have living areas that allow for the owners to sleep and live in it like a caravan. This allows for driving further distances, and a more self-contained option.

If you’re looking to transport more than one or two horses, then a gooseneck trailer may be what you’re looking for. To find out more or for help in choose the right horse float for you, talk to the friendly team at Tuza on (02) 4773 9300.