Which horse float is best for you?

If you’re a new horse owner or looking to become one, you will most likely need to invest in a horse float to transport your horses safely. A horse float – also known as a horse trailer, boat or van – is specifically designed to transport your horse, and allows you to pull it behind a truck or SUV. You can find horse floats for sale online on a number of sites.

Tuza-horse float for saleWhile it may be tempting to look at sites such as Gumtree to buy a horse float second hand, it is worth considering a specialised horse float manufacturer and seller, as there are some important questions to consider when buying your next horse float.

With so many horse float suppliers on the market there are many questions that should be considered when purchasing your next horse float investment.

  • Australian vs Imported
  • Welded vs Pop Rivets
  • Steel vs Aluminium
  • Second-hand Vs New
  • Straight Load Vs Angle Load

All the above factors are important when purchasing your next horse float. A reputable horse float manufacturer should be able to guide you and discuss the benefits and differences in your choices of horse floats and determine which float design is best for you.

The question that horse owners often ask is “Whether to buy a straight load or angle load horse float”. Straight load trailers use a traditional design, in which the horses are led straight into the trailer from the back, facing forward. Angle load horse trailers, the horses are led in the trailer from the back still facing forward but standing on an angle. To answer this question, it would be helpful if you know the history of how your horses were previously transported. Once you know this then it will make your decision with your horse float manufacturer much simpler, the horse float manufacturer can assess the best design for your horse and you.

If you will be transporting more than two horses then it is often necessary to choose an angled float. The design of the trailer is angled to fit multiple horses. However, ensure that you speak to your manufacturer and seller to ensure that the float is built to suit your type of horses, a reputable manufacturer should discuss this with you and ensure that the horse bays and float are suited to ensure a comfortable ride for your horse.

To get help in deciding which of these two options is best for you, as well as making other decisions about your horse float purchase, you can get advice from a knowledgeable professional. To find out more, call Tuza Horse Floats on (02) 4773 9300.