Our horse floats can be fully customised to your needs and preferences. Check out our list of accessory options below.

190Registration – Straight Load – starting from$575.00
191Registration – Angle Load – starting from$ 870.00
103Extension – Straight Load Float (per inch)$ 88.00
10118″ Extension – Straight Load Float$1450.00
1023 Foot  Extension – Straight Load Float$2900.00
203Extension – Angle Load Float (per Inch)$ 99.00
20118″ Extension – Angle Load Float$1650.00
2023′ Extension – Angle Load Float$3300.00
30Extension – Gooseneck Float (per foot)$1800.00
107Side dust covers$ 695.00
108Rear dust cover – straight load$ 610.00
208Rear dust cover – angle load$ 760.00
127Side pressed vents$ 750.00
118Sliding Windows – 1000 x 300mm with screens – each$ 490.00
119Sliding Windows – 800 x 600mm with screens -each$525.00
116Rear Lockable Barn Doors$1610.00
245Rear Lockable gas strut/ Single Door$1700.00
104Head Divider$ 310.00
105Stallion divider$ 390.00
106Fully Padded – Straight load – Chest bars, divider and Rump Bar$ 450.00
206Fully Padded – Angle Load – starting from$ 680.00
033Drop sheet rubber$ 199.00
116Rear Lockable Barn Doors$1450.00
115Swing out rear tack box @ 1500mm high fitted with 2 x saddle racks$1610.00
218Western Swing out rear tack box @ 1500mm high fitted with 2 x saddle racks$1795.00
151Tack box fitted to Drawbar$1250.00
112Front Tack Room with external door access$1550.00
113Front Tack Room with Internal door access$910.00
015Extra Large Mudguard Tack box – Welded to Float$1555.00
117Small Tack Box – Fitted To Mudguard$890.00
125Saddle Rack – each$ 155.00
146Bridle Hooks – each$22.00
209Rug Rack – fixed to front curve of float$ 390.00
122Rug rack to rump with door$ 690.00
123Rug rack to rump – Fixed no door$ 525.00
209Rug Rack – Fixed at front of float$ 390.00
145Brush baskets$ 66.00
136Full height kickboards$650.00
137Full height rubber kickboards both side starting from$710.00
109Spare wheel bracked – Outside$ 110.00
1348 Ply truck tyre and sunraysia rim – starting price$195.00
134White sunraysia pare Tyre – New$ 150.00
132White Sunraysie Wheels (each)$ 110.00
1358ply Light Truck Tyres (each)$ 110.00
128Wheel Covers (hub Caps)$ 90.00
124Large Combination Truck Lights$ 270.00
131Led Truck Lights$550.00
129Interior Light$ 155.00
130Feed Bin Holders (both sides)$ 64.00
158Water Container – Bracket Only$ 75.00
138Water Container Fitted To Door – Complete$ 99.00
139Water Container – 70Ltr With Hand Pump$890.00
140Water Container – 70Ltr With Electric Pump$1410.00
141Fold Down Table On Mudguard$310.00
155Fold Up Beds$950.00
142Covered in Drawbar$220.00
111Gig Hooks$ 250.00
143Pop Up Vents (each)$ 160.00
156Rotary Vents (each)$ 185.00
156Extra Tie Ups$ 9.50
147Propeller plate Stone Guard – 400mm$ 490.00
148Propeller plate Stone Guard – 600mm$ 590.00
149Propeller plate Stone Guard – 900mm$690.00