4 features to consider when buying a horse float

If you’re a horse owner who is looking to buy a horse float, there are four key features you need to consider before making a purchase. A horse float is a necessary item for horse lovers who want to be able to travel with their horse or compete at events around Australia. A horse float needs to suit the needs of the owner but, more importantly, the needs of the horse who will be spending the majority of the time inside the float.

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Before making a purchase, it is an excellent idea to ‘try-on’ a horse float for size. Horse floats come in a range of heights to suit most horses, so be sure to try one out for size. You should look at how much space there is above the horse, if they have room to stretch their neck and move comfortably around. Some taller horses like a Shire Horse might need to have a custom-size horse float made to ensure they are happy to be inside for long periods.


Angled or Straight

The two different types of horse floats have different benefits that need to be considered. Angled floats see the horse travelling on an angle, which has been proven to stress the animal less and to be a more comfortable ride. Angle load horse floats are becoming more popular in Australia especially if you have more than 2 horses to transport at one time. If you require the Internal height or a wider or longer bays for your horses in either an angle or straight load be sure to speak to your supplier. A Straight load horse float have less storage space than Angled floats but because they require less internal barriers they are often cheaper.


Chest Bar

The chest bar is the barrier to stop the horse moving around inside the float. It is essential that this bar is at the correct height for your animal. There have been cases where the bar has been too high and horses have cut themselves trying to get under it or the opposite which can cause immense physical damage. Some floats have drop down bars that can make it easier to release a panicked horse, so be sure to consider all options for your horse before buying a horse float.



Wooden floors in a horse float are ideal for the comfort of the horse, it is not rigid ride when you are transporting your horses. However, the wooden floors need to be expertly sealed to ensure they do not rot. As the floors will be hosed down frequently to remove mess it is very important to be confident in the sealant used on the floors. Aluminum can be used as flooring, it loses the comfort when transporting your horses and would need extra thick rubber which adds weight to the trailer and diminishes fuel efficiency.


When looking at horse floats for sale, you should have a checklist of your requirements, measurements of your animals and an open mind to ensure you are purchasing a float that you and your horse will get use out of. Please contact our expert team on (02) 4773 9300 if you have any questions about a suitable float for your horse.